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dogfighting and spent nearly two years in federal prison. summer scorcher. the temperature is climbing, and we are about to stretch a sizzling stretch of days. tough questions. today law makers will grill rupert murdoch about the hacking scandal involving his newspaper empire. and a step up of force linked to an early morning crimes. i'm eun yang. good morning. >> and i'm pat lawson muse, in for joe crabs on this tuesday, july 19th. >> it is 5:00 a.m. it is 80 degrees at this early hour. if you need to do something outside, let's get it done early. >> let's run now. >> i have seen people running in the middle of the night. >> exactly. >> a great day for running or swimming. >> exactly. we want to keep hool.
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yesterday we hit a high temperature of 91. today we could get 94 or 93 degrees. slightly higher humidity, so it's going to feel worse. the heat index could get up to 100 degrees. let's check on the conditions right now. it is 80 at reagan national airport. that dewpoint temperature sits at 70 degrees right now with the humidity at 71%. some clouds there currently, and we could be getting robust storms this afternoon. by robust, i mean there could be high wind, heavy rain, frequent lightning, and possibly even hail coming. best chance of that will be between about noon and 5:00 p.m. there's a look at our local radar. you could see storms coming into western maryland. some of them may even make it over the mountains to hagerstown and areas of frederick county, virginia, here for the morning hours 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. 77 degrees in leesburg. clinton, maryland, at 76. benning at 77. aspen hill, currently you're at
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73 degrees. your day planner forecast, again going up to a high today of 94 degrees. that will be after the noon hour today. by 9:00 a.m. already 86 degrees with a partly sunny sky. noontime, your chance of storms right through 5:00. pat? >> thanks, veronica. breaking news right now in montgomery county. an officer involved crash has shut down a busy road in silver spring. police say the officer was responding to a call just before midnight. when the crash happened, the officer and two people in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police could not confirm if the officer's lights and sirens were on or the nature of the call. let's go to danella sealock with more on the traffic impact expected to last through the morning rush. they're launching an investigation for the next three to four hours. if you're traveling on colesville road, your road is going to be shut down between
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sligo creek drive and indian spring drive. if you're traveling on the beltway, you can exit georgia avenue. avoid colesville road. in other areas, as we move along, maps aren't coming up, but i can tell you we've been checking 95 in virginia for you. 95 in virginia is clear. i am seeing some volume as you head out of dale city and make your way. so far it's a clear commute. i-66 is clear as well. both inside and outside of the beltway. 395, it's a clear commute for you as you make your way over the 14th street bridge. pat, back to you. it's 5:03 now. this morning the guardian angels are patrolling the metropolitan branch trail after bikers and joggers were robbed. the eight-mile stretch from union station in d.c. to silver spring of the the latest incident happened monday morning. a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike on the trail in northeast. there have been six similar incidents on that trail in the
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past couple of months. court officials are revamping security after a murder suspect managed to trick corrections officers and walk right out of d.c. superior court. according to "the washington post," court officials see mug shots of each defendant before entering the courtroom. last week james brewer swapped i.d. bracelets with another inmate who was locked up on misdemeanor charges. brewer turned himself in on saturday afternoon. he's accuseded of shooting a man in southeast last month. brewer is being held without bond. today newscorp ceo rupert murdoch will be in the hot seat as investigators look into the phone hacking scandal involving his journalists. murdoch and his now defunct "news of the world" are accused of hacking 4,000 phones of victims, celebrities, and lawmakers. the scandal has some people questioning british prime minister david cameron's judgment. he is defending his decision to
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hire former world editor andy colson as press secretary. >> in terms of andy colson, no one has argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government. he then left government. >> meanwhile, the man who first blew the whistle on "news of the world" was found dead. his death, though, is not considered suspicious. today the house will vote on cut cap and balance, a republican proposal that would require a balanced budget amendment. president obama warned yesterday that he would veto the legislation if it makes it to his desk, but republicans are vowing to take the vote anyway, saying, if it does fail in the senate or if it's vetoes, it will at least lead to more compromise. the president says progress is being made, but the white house is warning that failure is not
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an option. >> if the united states of america were to default, it would be catastrophic for the financial system and the american people, it would be a substantial unfair tax on all americans. >> americans aren't impressed with the way washington is handling the debt debate. a new "usa today"/gallup poll shows half of the people surveyed believe the president and congress are doing a worse job than their predecessors in dealing with the nation's problems. 40% say it's the worst they've seen in their lifetime. and two-thirds say republicans and democrats in congress are putting their own political interests first. what do americans want? 75% say they want compromise, even if it means accepting provision that's neither side likes. u.s. officials reportedly held direct talks with representatives in moammar gadhafi's government to deliver a, quote, stern message to the libyan leader to step down. last week's meeting between the
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two countries is the first of its kind since nato began its bombing campaign against libyan targets in march. a spokesperson said the meeting is the first step to a peaceful resolution. breaking news now in northwest washington. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in the petwood section of the city near georgetown road and georgia avenue. >> reporter: this just happened at ten minutes after 3:00 a.m. the body is still lying on the sidewalk behind me, so we'll keep the camera in this direction. we're told an adult male has been shot in the head and killed here. we're also seeing there's other evidence -- for instance, that vehicle right over there -- where there were other stray bullets here in the vicinity. it looks like it blew out that particular windshield there. police have the crime tape going from here all the way up the block. that is about a block and a half of scene here that they are
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combing through this morning, trying to find out exactly what happened here. they don't have any suspect information at this time. i'm tracee wilkins live here in northwest. i just got here on the scene. we'll provide more information as it becomes available. >> thank you, tracee. our time is 5:07. coming up, the shuttle is on its way home right now. we'll tell
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time now 5:11. we take a look outside, 80 degrees the current temperature. 80, you know it's going to be bad this week as we talk about the heat wave when yesterday and today is the nice part of the work week. a few degrees higher than yesterday at 94. we will be getting a few of
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these, some thunderstorms in here. there's a cluster in western maryland. i think our best chance of storms today will be between noon and 5:00 p.m.ed today. 73 the current temperature up in gaithersburg right now. glendale, 75. franconia, 77 degrees. colesville at 73. day planner forecast, the high 94. by 9:00 a.m. already into the mid-80s. and p topping out above 90 degrs by noontime today. danella? >> good morning. traveling colesville road in maryland, your road is shut down between sligo creek parkway and indian spring drive. avoid colesville road all together for the next three to four hours. georgia avenue is your best route at this time. 270 in maryland, checking it in both directions sochlt f. so far your commute is good. no incidents to report. in virginia old dominion drive, the beltway clear as well. d.c., new york avenue and
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bladensburg, your streets look excellent at this time. pat and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. 5:12.
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thank you for capping off 37 space shuttle missions to construct this incredible orbiting research facility. we'll miss you guys. god speed.
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soft landing. we'll see you back on earth. >> and that was the good-bye message from "atlantis" astronauts as the shuttle undocked for t final time. the process brings nasa's 30-year shuttle program to an end. astronauts left one year's worth of supplies on the iss, and they left the flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. the shuttle is expected to land thursday at 5:56 in the morning. the shuttle will then join "discovery" and "endeavour" as museum displays. this morning mayor vincent gray's campaign is taking accusations it accepted donations above the legal limit and recorded donation that's people say they didn't contribute to his mayoral campaign. that's according to "the washington post" where reports found several instances of cash donations that exceeded the city's $25 limit and says gray campaign workers improperly exchanged that cash for money
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orders, which have a higher donation limit. they officially report at 233 money donations totaling $56,000. >> we are learning more about the fallout from the corruption probe in prince george's county. karl granzow and two publicity partners pled guilty to offering bribes and campaign contributions for favorable views toward their business. he offered a plea deal in march, but the plea deal was just unsealed. granzow could face three to five years in prison. his business was trying to build a mixed use project near the metro station. and today the fda will determine if a new drug designed to treat diabetes will go to market. it's the first drug to reduce blood sugar by blocking glucose absorbed by the kidneys. the once a day pill has shown in tests it could work independently of insulin and
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help with weight loss. but it increases the risk of you're nary tract infections and could be linked to bladder cancer. "u.s. news and world report" is out with its national rankings. johns hopkins took the number one spot in the national rankings this year. but washington hospital center gets the top honors in d.c. for having four special advertise that are nationally recognized. right behind the washington hospital center is georgetown university hospital. and nova fairfax in falls church ranked at number three. the national rehabilitation hospital came in the number four spot. and holy cross in silver spring rounded out the top five. by thursday you may be able to break out the redskins gear and get ready for some football. lawyers for both nfl owners and players will meet in new york today after eight hours of negotiations yesterday, and players are already making their way to the district in the hopes they may be able to vote on a new agreement by tomorrow. both sides are working to have at least a tentative deal in
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place by thursday when all 32 league owners are set to meet in atlanta. stephen strasburg is making progress as well in his rehabilitation. the nats pitching phenom, who turns 23 tomorrow, threw a simulated game yesterday in florida, and it's looking like his speed is coming back. manager davey johnson said his fastball hit 93 miles an hour during the game. straussburg is recovering from tommy john surgery he had in the fall. nats officials are hoping strasburg will be able to pitch in a major league game in september. and one of strasburg's fellow pitchers was the star last night as the nats beat the astros 5-2 to head back to the .500 mark. the offense didn't get going until late. tied at 2 in the ninth, ryan zimmerman singles to right field, scoring one. nats would go on to score two more in the ninth to seal the win. go nats.
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a mother and son who reunited after more than three decades apart discovered they had more in common than they could ever have imagined. federal worker damon davis was adopted as a baby. through a social worker he recently contacted his birth mother, ann sullivan, who's also a federal worker. turns out they had been working a few blocks from each other. ann was a grad student when she decided to give damon up. she says she talked to her unborn baby a lot. >> some of the things that i said to him, he actually wrote to me in the letter that he wrote to introduce himself. so it was amazing. >> the two also discovered they both attended hampton university. >> what a remarkable reunion. >> like mother, like son. >> it's meant to be. >> terrific. it's such a nice story. 5:21. now weather and traffic on the ones. veronica, the bearer of bad news. don't worry. we're not blaming you. >> bad news is hot news. >> a little good news.
5:22 am
we had this heat wave going through sunday. now there's signs this heat wave could start breaking down as early as saturday. how about that? >> okay. i'll take that. >> it's one less day. all right. it is pretty warm and sticky out there now. 80 degrees the temperature. yesterday we hit a high temperature of 93. today we'll be going up to 94, maybe even 95 degrees. we could be getting cooling storms. we don't like what those storms could be bringing because it looks as though high wind and hail could come to the area with some lightning. what's happening around pittsburgh, pennsylvania, right now. huge complex of storms. as it makes its way down to the south and east, i think we may see signs of it starting to fall apart as it makes its way over the mountains. for hagerstown, frederick county, virginia, next hour and a half to two hours, you may be getting a little of that heavy
5:23 am
rain. current temperature 80 degrees again. in the district, 77 in leesburg. 73 fredericksburg. and 76 over in charlottesville. here's a look at future weather. clouds across the area. more haze and clouds than yesterday. around 2:00 today, any time from noon until 7:00, when we get the heating going, a risk of thunderstorms. they'll be scattered around the area and could be bringing with them some pretty robust weather to the area with heavy rain and high winds. up until about 7:00. and then they'll just be isolated for the evening. so 90 to 95 degrees. here's a look at your evening forecast. there will still be cloud cover around the area. temperatures dropping off from 90 to 85 degrees. winds are going to veer from the west-northwest to the east-northeast. could be higher winds with any of the storms that come through. tomorrow 93. then 99 degrees on thursday. record challenging heat at the end of the week. saturday 100 degrees. danella, just 96.
5:24 am
>> good morning. your morning rush hour commute is affected in silver spring. this is if you're traveling on colesville road. it's shut down between sligo creek parkway and indian spring drive. take georgia avenue. police are investigating for the next few hours. so just avoid it all together. checking out area bridges, this is the key bridge. key bridge is looking good. and the woodrow wilson bridge is clear as well as we shoot over to the 14th street bridge. if only it could be this peaceful at 6:00 in the morning. i can't guarantee that. i'm not a miracle worker. as we head over to the american legion bridge, it's looking nice as well. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another update. pat? >> thanks, danella. a task force is now looking into a possible rate change on the dulles greenway. right now every driver who uses the road pays $4.50, no matter how far they drive. congressman frank wolf weighed in on that fight to lower the rate. he wrote a letter to the virginia department of
5:25 am
transportation asking officials to implement the pricing. the dulles greenway runs 14 miles between dulles and pittsburgh. it would require them to pay a certain rate based on where they enter the toll road. i would like to take betty white. she's funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all around perfect woman. >> well, i guess flattery can only get you so far. actress betty white says she's thankful to receive an invite to the marine corps ball, but she can't go because she's taping an episode of her show "hot in cleveland." sergeant ray lewis invited the legendary actress to the event. it was the latest in a string of celebrity invites. both mila kunis and justin timberlake are attending two separate upcoming marine corps balls. the first lady has a date with harry potter this week. michelle obama is set to visit oceana naval air station in virginia beach on thursday. the white house says, while
5:26 am
she's there, she'll watch "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" with military families. the royal couple also had a movie date but avoided the worldwide phenom of harry potter, perhaps in an effort to have more privacy. the duke and duchess saw saturday night live star as kristen wiig's film "brides dm s "bridesmaids." the couple moved into tensing ttens kensington palace. they moved into a modest apartment inside the palace. this is the same apartment where william lived with his late mother, princess diana. coming up, pepco's plea. why
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another day with temperatures soaring into the 90s. by the end of the week, you might think this feels cool. uh-oh, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm pat lawson muse. joe krebs is off somewhere. this is tuesday, july 19th. >> we begin with dangerous heat that's killed 13 people in the past week. it's not over. some people are taking extreme measures to cool off. in omaha, this pool owner ordered two tons of ice. the pool water had reached temperatures of 90 degrees. pro athletes are not immune to the heat either. phillies roy halladay left the field in the fifth inning because of the heat. the game time temperatures were 91 degrees in chicago. the cubs ended up winning 6-1.
5:31 am
pepco is urging its customers to conserve energy during the heat of the day. they're expecting high demand for energy during the extreme heat. pepco is suggesting several ways to conserve. set thermostats at 78 degrees and use an electric fan. close windows, shades, blinds, or drapes to block the sunlight. wait until evening to do your laundry and run the dishwasher. limit opening and closing the refrigerator door and limit using other electric appliances. >> and a lot of good device at 5:31. >> turn the fan off when no one's in the room. it just pushes the air around. >> or just stand in front of the fan all day. >> why go out at all, veronica? today will be another hot day like yesterday. worst of the heat at end of the week, though. air quality too, those suffering from asthma, respiratory ailments, heart disease, long disease, you'll really want to
5:32 am
take it easy today. 80 degrees right now shortly past 5:30. we'll be going up to a high today, 93 to 94, and could get some of these. thunderstorms blowing up right now in western maryland. between noon and 7:00 p.m. today. temperatures range from 72 degrees in montgomery county to 80 degrees right in the district. we'll hit a high today again of 94 to 95. you can see already by 9:00 a.m. heading past the 92 mark. >> thank you, veronica. 5:32. breaking news in montgomery county. an officer-involved crash shut down a busy road in silver spring. it's near the intersection of sligo creek parkway and colesville road. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the latest. megan, looks pretty bad out there.
5:33 am
>> reporter: this was quite a collision here. extensive damage to the vehicles involved. a complete closure of colesvilled roacolesville road. quite a detour here. closed at sligo creek at one end and on the other end at indian spring drive. that will be the case till 7:00, 8:00 this morning. that's their best estimate here. take a look at the vehicle involved. this, as you mentioned, was a police involved crash. there was a police cruiser there, which you see in the median strip, and another passenger car. they collided. police are telling us that the officer was responding to some sort of a call. it's unclear whether lights and flashers were on at the time of the collision or not. the officer was responding to some sort of emergency call. the two vehicles collided. the police cruiser ended up very mangled in the median strip. other car is in the driveway
5:34 am
here on colesville road. both the vehicles had major damage. amazin amazingly, looking at the damage involved here, we're being told they don't have life threatening injuries. there may be serious injuries certainly, but not life threatening. everybody is expected to make it through. folks who travel through this area of silver spring, going to be a problem for another couple of hours. for more on traffic, we'll go to danella. >> this is definitely affecting your commute. colesville road is very popular shut down at sligo creek and indian spring parkway. exit the beltway at georgia avenue. don't exit on colesville. other roads in our area looking pretty good. this is the beltway in maryland at river road. so far the beltway in maryland is looking clear as well as the beltway in virginia. shooting down to virginia, this is i-66 at fairfax county parkway. those tail lights are the east traffic. i'm checking their speed.
5:35 am
they're still traveling at a good speed. no major delays as of yet. heading over to chinatown, seventh and "h." d.c., your local roadways look good as well as 295 and route 50. checking those as well. no incidents to report for you. the rails are running, and they're all running on time. metro, marc, vre, no delays at this time. pat and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. today on capitol hill, house republicans hope to vote on their cut cap and balance plan that would call for a balanced budget amendment. that's a proposal that would require a balanced budget amendment. president obama warned he would veto the legislation if it made it to his desk. republicans are vowing to take the vote anyway, saying it would at least lead to more compromise. despite the public partisanship, progress is being made, but the white house is also warning that failure is not an option.
5:36 am
>> if the united states of america were to default, it would be catastrophic for the american economy, for the financial system, for the american people. it would be a substantial unfair tax on all americans. >> americans apparently aren't impressed with the way washington is handling the debt debate. a new "usa today"/gallup poll shows half the american people surveyed believe the president and congress are doing a worse job than their predecessors dealing with the nation's problems. 40% say it's the worst they've seen in their lifetime. and 75% say congress are putting their own political interests first. 75% want compromise even if it means accepting provisions neither side likes. today newscorp ceo rupert murdoch will be in the hot seat as british lawmakers investigate the phone hacking scandal involving the newspapers. journalists at the now defunction "news of the world" are accused of hacking up to
5:37 am
4,000 phones of victims, celebrities, and british lawmakers. murdoch, and his son, a former top executive, are expected to testify before parliament. some have people questioning british prime minister david cameron's judgment to hire former "news of the world" editor andy coulson as press secretary. >> in terms of andy coulson, no one has argued the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government. he then left government. >> meanwhile, the man who first blew the whistle on "news of the world" was found dead. his death, though, is not considered suspicious. two votes this week could settle the debate on whether to build a metro station above ground or underground at dulles international airport. first loudoun county's board of supervisors will take up the issue later this morning. it's a compromise proposed by
5:38 am
transportation secretary ray lahood. earlier this month, he said a bus station could save -- an ab ground station could save $1 billion. part of pepco's plan to offer better service is pitting some neighborhoods against the power company. pepco says trees are a primary cause of outages. last summer it announced a plan to increase tree trimming in an effort to increase reliability. crews have run into resistance, though, when trimming trees on private property. pepco wants the montgomery county council to consider legislation that would allow them to trim trees by declaring them a public nuisance. homeowners say it would change the characters of their neighborhood. >> do not suggest had that those who have expressed concerns about this are standing in the way for one moment of your company getting to a higher reliability as fast as you are able to make the needed investments. >> right now pepco is allowed to trim trees in the county's right of way, but it has to ask
5:39 am
permission from the owners to trim trees on private property. in about 300 cases, the utility says the land owners have refused.
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move into the suburbs. another hot one today, but nothing like the end of the work week. let's take a look outside. 80 degrees the temperature already. may drop a degree before the mercury starts rising again. other locations just as warm. we're into the 70s and upper 70s at that from barry farms. lan ham at 76 degrees. tyson's corner 77. potomac at 75 degrees. on the radar, storms in western maryland right now.
5:43 am
could have strong thunderstorms around here, possibly even severe storms later this afternoon. a chance for some thunderstorm activity any time after about noontime today. your high 94 degrees. next couple of days, there's a look at the four-day forecast. 99 on thursday. 101 the actual air temperature on friday. danella? >> good morning. we still have a serious crash that has colesville road shut down between sligo creek parkway and indian spring drive. colesville road is going to be shut down for the next few hours. take georgia avenue as the alternate route. 270, i am seeing some volume as you head 270 south and make your way out of urbana and head to clarksburg. a live look at 109. 109 is pretty slow. the good news here is once you reach route 121 clarksburg road, the lane opens up, and you'll see some relief from this traffic. checking out 95 at lorton. you are having some volume here, but i'm checking the speed, and so far you're traveling at a
5:44 am
good speed. back to you, eun and pat. our time is 5:43.
5:45 am
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[ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. dan snyder's lawsuit against city paper. breaking news in northwest. police are on the seen in the petworth section of the city at the intersection of randolph road and georgia avenue. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with the latest on this story. tracee? >> reporter: good morning, pat. this happened just after 3:00 a.m. detectives are here on the scene. when we first pulled up, the victim of the shooting was still lying here on the sidewalk that i'm standing on. they just removed his body just a few minutes ago. police say the man was shot in the head and killed here in the 900 block of randolph street here in northwest. at this point, they have not released the identity of the
5:48 am
victim. as part of this investigation, police are also paying very close attention to a maxima parked here on randolph street with the windshield blown out from a bullet. they are paying close attention to that vehicle and surveying the rest of the scene. there are condos and apartments here, and police are talking to folks as they wake up to see if they know anything or saw anything last night. this investigation is just beginning at this point. police don't have any suspect information they're releasing. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in northwest. back to you all in the student yoi. >> thanks a loss, tracee. this morning the guardian angels are patrolling the metropolitan branch trail after bikers and joggers were robbed. the patrols will start in just a few minutes at 6:00. the patrols will stretch from union station to silver spring. monday a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike on the trail in northeast. there have been six similar incidents on that trail the past
5:49 am
couple of months. and a 17-year-old boy in south florida is accused of killing his parents with a hammer then throwing a party. tyler hadley faces two counts of first degree murder. police in port st. lucie florida say the teen posted a message about the party on facebook. that night 60 teens showed up for the party prompting a noise complaint. police discovered the bodies the next day after getting a tip. hadley's mother was an elementary school teacher and his father worked for a florida utility company. a spree of terror comes to an end. a federal jury has convicted jason scott of several crimes. the u.s. attorney's office has linked scott with more than 50 burglaries, 9 armed home invasions, armed carjacking, and even production of child pornography. rosa smith lost her daughter and granddaughter at his hands. even though he's still awaiting
5:50 am
trial for their murders, smith is happy with the verdict. >> even though we we can't bring our kids back, at least we know justice has been served. >> scott will be sentenced in october. the legal battle between a local newspaper and redskins owner dan snyder is getting a new player. the aclu. aclu officials filed a briefing with the court arguing that snyder must quickly prove his case against the washington city paper. snyder says the paper defamed him in an article published last november and is seeking $1 million in damages. the aclu is not a party to the case, but a new d.c. law allows for third parties to ask that a lawsuit they deem frivolous be thrown out. today philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick will be on capitol hill today backing a bill to crack down on dogfighting. he'll join the humane society and will pledge his support before the house judiciary subcommittee later this morning. the proposed bill would penalize
5:51 am
criminals who finance and bring children to dogfights and cock fights. vick was convicted on dogfighting charges in september of 2007 and spent nearly two years in federal prison. since his release, the quarterback has traveled the country speaking to children as an advocate against dogfighting. investigators are trying to figure out why the main stage at a concert festival in canada collapsed. it happened on sunday at the blues fest in ottawa. the band cheap trick was about 20 minutes into its set when a sudden and violent storm blew in, knocking down the stage. 13 people were injured. all have since been released from the hospital. this morning desert sand covers much of phoenix. the second dust storm in two weeks rolled over the area. dust towered 3,000 feet high, and winds gusted up to 40 miles per hour. many drivers just pulled over until visibility improved. weather experts say those dust
5:52 am
storms called haboobs only happen in arizona, the sahara desert, and parts of the middle east. >> here in the washington area, we're still gearing up for heat, and the heat index could be pretty high today. >> yes, it could be, up around 100 degrees. when the weather gets difficult, it helps to have a sense of humor. to play it safe but to have a sense of humor. some folks have been accepteding -- telling me their jokes. here's one. it's so hot, i saw a camel sipping a coke under a tree. we are expecting record high temperatures by the end of the work week. by that i mean, up around 100 degrees, maybe even over that friday and saturday. 80 degrees is where we are right now. we've been sitting there over the last two hours now. the humidity at 71%. winds out of the southwest. we're going to see that wind change from a southwesterly direction to a west-northwesterly direction and then eventually the northeast.
5:53 am
so some changes to the area as we get a few storms in here a little later on today. 77 in leesburg and loudoun county. same thing around mt. aerie. hagerstown close to 80 degrees ahead of a storm complex that's been making its way south and east through pittsburgh. right now coming into areas of west virginia and western maryland. heavy rain and frequent lightning. you can see the lightning strikes around morgantown and west virginia. that is sliding to the south and east. there might be areas around 9:30, 10:00 where there's a few showers that manage to hold together around northwestern areas of fauquier county and frederick county in virginia. here we go. future areas, storms gathered. they could be very heavy until around 7:00 p.m.
5:54 am
let's get you going with the forecast for today. for today again, back up into the 90s. 90 to 95 degrees with scattered storms that could be strong right into the evening. i think by the time we get into the late evening hours with the setting of the sun, loss of heating, those storms will be more isolated as we drop from 80 to 95 degrees. signs that this heat wave may start to break down on sunday. 100 on saturday, 96 on sunday, and monday looks like a high of 90 degrees. a serious crash has colesville road shut down between sligo creek parkway and indian spring drive. take georgia avenue as your alternate route. 270 still seeing delays right here at 109 as you head south and make your way towards clarksburg. as soon as you get to clarksburg, it's an easier commute. shooting down i-66, those headlights coming towards us. that's traffic heading east at
5:55 am
sully road. i can tell you the speed is still going pretty well. the lanes getting packed, and your delays aren't significant as of yet. heading over to d.c., new york avenue at new jersey, picking up some traffic here. so far d.c., your local roads are looking great. no accidents to report at this time. pat, back to you. >> thanks, danella. a virginia law maker is joining the fight to lower the toll on the dulles greenway. right now every driver who uses the road pays $4.50 no matter how far they drive. congressman frank wolf has written a department to the department of transportation. he wants them to implement distance driving. so drivers who drive only a short stretch of the greenway would pay less. the 14-mile road connects dulles airport with leesburg in loudoun county. a task force has been set up to study the idea. montgomery county could get more than $100 million to help deal with the impact of the military base realignment and
5:56 am
closure. the county wants to make changes to at least four intersections near the site of the walter reed medical center in bethesda. it's part of the brac program. the xwhitee is making millions of dollars available to communities bho will who will bd by brac. borders books and music stores are closing their business due to bankruptcy. it put their stores up for sale but never received an offer. 25 of those stores are in the washington area. borders says it can no longer keep up with competition from online retailers like amazon and e-readers. although it's not happy with the decision, many customers agree. >> for me it means i can always wander in and pick something out. when you shop online, you don't always know what you want. when you don't know what you want, it's hard to find. >> in my house i have a shelf of books that i've read and probably won't read again. i don't want to let them go.
5:57 am
there's something about t itit. it's not the same having 100 books in your kindle. >> the closings mean some 11,000 workers are losing their jobs. stores could begin closing as early as friday. a new busboys and poets is now open in maryland. they debuted their newest location in hyattsville. it faces new art and performances by local artists and two performance spaces. it's in the arts district, which is a mixed use site with retailers and more than 400 homes. "u.s. news and world report" has released its annual rankings of some of america's best hospitals. some of the top hospitals are right in our area. johns hopkins in baltimore took the top spot in national rankings, but washington hospital center is getting top honors for having four special advertise that are nationally recognized. right behind is georgetown university hospital at number two. inova fairfax in falls church ranked number three.
5:58 am
the national rehabilitation hospital came in number four. and holy cross hospital in silver spring rounded out the top five. >> all right.
5:59 am
another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

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